Hey I'm Sophie, I preserve the best moments in your life

Event photographs

I observe and capture the best moments of your company event, wedding, or family party. What is your event and what is important to you?  


Nature has been the center of paintings for 100s of years, now we can also capture its magnificent beauty with a camera. Show me the nature you love, and I put it in a photo. 


I love watching and observing humans and capture them when they look the best for family, loved ones or social media. How would you like to be portraited?   

Your idea

Photos can capture very personal moments, what do you want me to capture? Let your imagination fly!


last works

About me

The place where you are is the result of a personal project carried out for years, where I put a lot of love and passion for what I do. 

My name is Sophie Szabó and I am a portrait photographer. Born in Barcelona I spent my first years exposing in photo galleries and working around the globe. I now live in Berlin.

I focus on non-models and place regular people in exaggerated situations that highlight an aspect of who they are.  I look for the precise moment, in where emotions are manifested… and immortalize them forever. Transmit the smell, sound, and movement in an image is one of the things that makes me happy in this life.

My methodology consists of a preparation of the session, and through the subject, the location is organized looking for a spontaneous and natural result, photographs with a lot of light and color.

If you want to start a project together do not hesitate to contact me, either in English, German or Spanish! 


Write me with your idea and we will explore the possibilities!

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